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Q: Why in the world would you list your competitors and make it easy to compare Stingray?
A: Because, we are confident that once you have reviewed the market, Stingray will undoubtedly be viewed as the most comprehensive, cost competitive, complete solution available.
Q: What do you mean by Comprehensive?
A: Whether you are a small Company looking to automate one line of business or a far flung Mega Company, Stingray provides the core and needed options to make your enterprise competitive. Using advanced, web based technology, Stingray easily puts the tools in your hands to compete, adapt and profit in the complex insurance markets of today.
Q: OK, you have all the parts, but how do you create order from our chaos?
A: If you’re considering a new system, why not take a new approach? All of our systems are component based and can be easily implemented to target a certain need while interfacing with your existing systems.
Q: What do you mean? How about an example?
A: Let’s say your company is profitably writing auto insurance through Independent Agents and your systems are fine, but, your VP of Marketing wants to offer this coverage in a new territory in a Direct Sales model. Rather than go to the trouble and expense to retrofit your systems to work with the consumer, consider placing our Web Portal product out front and integrate the database with your existing system. A very inexpensive and quick way to grow.
Q: Sounds like just another system to support; I can barely support the one I have now?
A: That’s where Stingray shines, our technology is so simple that your staff cost and training is minimal and productivity is enhanced by using our Visual Tools, in fact in some cases Product Managers can program simple changes via our easy interface. The system comes set with the most common tables, database settings and screens complete, you basically add rates and rules and you are in production in days.
Q: What if I just want to replace my current system completely?
A: The easy answer – you will find no easier or less expensive system on the market to start from scratch. Whether you are a new Company, MGA or RRG, Stingray is head and shoulders above the competition in its comprehensive approach to insurance processing. You could literally be up and running within days of purchasing the Stingray System.
Q: How?
A: Stingray is an Internet based solution. Similar to online securities trading platforms and online banking systems, Stingray resides on the Internet and uses the latest technology to access an industry standard database configuration. This standardization on new technology makes deployment simple and customization easy.
Q: You also said the system was cost competitive? Tell me more?
A: Stingray is a complete processing solution – you get it all, policy processing, claims, billing and installment processing. Since we have designed and implement an integrated package, we can price the total system cheaper than most would charge for just a part.
Q: Is everything included?
A: Absolutely, Stingray includes everything a Company, MGA or RRG needs to start processing business.
Q: What about Options?
A: We offer a full complement of optional features that accelerate your Company efficiency. Some of our most popular include Workflow Management, Integrated Imaging and Bar-coding, and our Bundles for Automobile, Homeowners and Commercial Lines.
Q: So how many millions is this going to cost?
A: You’re thinking of our competitors again! Stingray Insurance Processing System is available from $155,000 – complete. Even a large organization covering several states and lines of business can get a complete system for under $400,000.
Q: That sounds too good to be true – what’s the reason you can charge so little and your competitors charge that much for even a module of their systems?
A: The answer is in the technology, our systems are designed with the latest technology, using HTML, SQL and AJAX. We don’t have old, slow and frankly 1900”s style software – we use every available modern technology to make our systems reliable, scalable and cost competitive.
Q: My Company is a start-up and I don’t have the cash to get started, do you finance?
A: Better than that – we offer several ways to start using Stingray today! Most Companies license our software and we offer payment plans that cost less than $7,500 per month for our complete Stingray Processing System. In addition, we offer the only SaaS solution that we know in the Insurance Industry.
Q: What’s SaaS?
A: Software as a Service – basically a complete system rental. Under this approach you have no capital outlay and can expense your system use on a monthly basis. Probably the most well know SaaS product is the customer relationship management tool from No complicated contracts, no staff to train, simply implement and start using Stingray to run and grow your business.
Q: easy, what if I want to license Stingray after using it in the SaaS format.
A: It is easy, 75% of everything you have paid under the SaaS contract applies to your purchase of a Stingray License. Make the transition whenever you would like.
Q: Sounds like you have a great, fast start system but what about custom changes?
A: First, our system is designed to be open to virtually any Company’s way of doing business. From the start you will find more functionality and freedom in Stingray than any other system available. Second, every Stingray System comes with our Quick Start Package – this includes 200 hours of customization and training – more than adequate to get your system processing business the way you like it!
Q: What about on-going changes and development?
A: Most customers are capable of handling system changes and customizations internally with our Tools. If your company would prefer not to get involved, we have a very unique approach to ongoing support – let’s discuss that once you see how easy the system is to implement!
Q: OK, I’ve read this far and think I understand some of your features, now why would you give me your competitor’s names and details again?
A: It’s simple, when you compare Stingray to any of the other processing systems available, you will quickly realize our systems is the easiest, least expensive, least disruptive system to implement while giving you the ultimate in flexibility and creative control. Compare – we feel confident you will find Stingray superior in many ways!
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