Reporting Currently Available in StingRay Vendor  Vendor
All reporting is time-sensitive    
Ability to print and export (download) all reports    
State-required reports are format and date sensitive    
State-required reports must be updated periodically to maintain compliance    
State-required - Premium tax filings    
State-required - Municipal tax    
State-required - Loss reporting    
State-required - Surcharge reporting    
State-required - Fire premium dist.    
State-required - Geographical exposure (risk)    
State-required - License fees    
State-required - License tracking    
Ad Hoc reporting/query capabilities    
Reporting to Fronting Company      
Premium volumes    
Loss ratios    
Policy values    
Exposure data    
New accounts    
Month-end accounting - account current report    
Policy / product type report    
Coverage type (line of business)    
Monthly state taxes    
Monthly surcharges and fees    
Claims Reports    
Loss reporting    
Statistical Agencies Reports      
NAII (ISS)