Billing Currently Available in StingRay Vendor  Vendor
Ability to track responsible party (may or may not be customer - mortgagee)    
Ability to track multiple fronting and/or reinsurance agreements by policy    
Billing Accounts Receivable (Customer)      
Automatic correspondence (document creation) by state (invoice/policy/certificate, etc.)    
Automatic GL posting    
Billing Program (60 days to expiration for renewals)    
Billing Program (DNOCs for cancellations)    
Manual process for endorsements    
Billing for 3rd party partners    
User-defined billing rules    
Billing variants    
Cancel for non-payment based on state regulations    
Ability to produce coupons or statements    
Billing Accounts Receivable (Mortgage Company)      
Force Place policies paid by mortgage company    
No cancellations for new policies (New business)    
Billing for force placed policies/certificates to 3rd party (and not the customer directly)    
Aging report    
Drilldown capability on all reports and/or queries