Accounting Currently Available in StingRay Vendor  Vendor
Accounting (Daily/Weekly)      
Generate system transactional checks/logs (balance postings since last system check)    
Ability to process manual JE's - manual corrections, write-offs    
Ability to process cash disbursements and check printing    
Manage all changes to policies    
Ability to calculate and record accounting entries in GL for commissions    
Reports can be printed daily, weekly, monthly, etc.    
Cash disbursements report (check register)    
Processing of endorsements and cancellations    
Interface control/balancing reports    
Ability to sort reports/system searches by various criteria    
Download capabilities (various formats)    
Projection reports (simulations/forecasts)    
Ability to run reports using user-defined periods    
Commissions reports    
Accounting (Month-End)      
Perform close per account/policy types    
Perform close per accounting period    
Ability to close/re-open periods    
Ability to limit access to change postings in prior periods, if periods are closed    
Balancing reports    
Reconciliation reports    
Ad hoc reports    
Aging reports    
Customer account credits/debits report    
Month-end accounting - account current report    
Record fees and surcharges by state    
Report cash separately for current billings and future billings    
Report current accounts (up to date in payments) by effective date/month, including summary and/or detail    
Report for earned and unearned premium    
Drill-down capabilities in report/queries/transactions    
Summary vs. detailed reports    
Claims paid report    
OSLR report    
JE Register    
Cash Receipt Register    
Invoice Register    
GL Balance and Detail    
Balance Sheet    
P & L    
Premium By State  Report    
State Premium Tax Report    
Bank Reconciliation    
2 Account Current Reports (Current Billings and Future Billings)    
Down payment Report