Lines of Business Currently Available in StingRay Vendor  Vendor
Personal Lines      
Standard / Preferred Auto    
Non-Standard Auto    
Dwelling Fire    
Mobile Home    
Life Health    
Assigned Risk / Fored Place    
Add On / Motor Club, AD & D, Legal    
Commercial Lines      
Commercial Property    
Commercial General Liability    
Commercial Auto & Trucking    
Business Owners Policy ( BOP)    
Excess & Surplus Lines    
Work Comp    
Special Events    
Ability to track separately type of policy    
Ability to modify policy limits as requested by customer    
Ability to connect third party rapid rater services    
Legal requirements by state - Policy form compliance    
Legal requirements by state - Rate compliance    
Legal requirements by state - (Rate/Language) Updates    
Ability to change rates by Line of Business automatically    
Legal requirements by state - Mass change / Updates to Database    
Legal requirements by state - Open to external interfaces    
Detail policy transaction history    
New Business - Customer Pay      
Ability to create a quote    
Ability to track prospect customers separately from active and current customers    
Ability to convert prospect customers to actual customers    
Ability to manually/directly create new customer accounts (Cash customers and 3rd party customers) in the system    
Allow riders for contents to the regular dwelling policy as well as other type of policies (homeowners insurance program)    
Allow growth to process other type of policies (homeowners insurance program)    
Ability to backdate policy issuance    
Ability to append electronic signature to certain forms    
New Business - Forced Placed      
Ability to create force placed policy or certificate via interface    
Ability to create force placed policy or certificate manually    
Ability to evaluate the customer history and determine if a policy or  a certificate should be issued    
Ability to programmatically control (hold/postpone) policy changes until after renewal    
Ability to determine customer history (good/bad)    
Ability to automatically renew 60 days prior to expiration date, if policy is current (up to date in payments)    
Ability to issue payment coupons and/or any other marketing materials but hold the renewal until payment received.      
Apply rate increments based on market value increases    
Ability to cancel contents policy for customers who do not pay for dwelling policy and become force placed    
Ability to cancel automatically upon non-payment based on a predefined criteria    
Ability to cancel policies manually    
In a force place certificate situation, cancel upon mortgage payoff receipt    
Ability to restrict issuance of DNOCs per count and state    
Automatically generate reinstatements in accordance to state regulations (Notifications / Periodicity)    
Ability to reinstate upon receipt of payment, according to pre-defined rules    
Update/remove cancellation status    
Generate endorsements upon change to key information (financial or non-financial)    
Automatically send (print/e-mail) letter to customer    
Manage changes within and as per state regulations    
Ability to indicate start date in an endorsement    
Ability to issue out of sequence endorsements