General System Currently Available in StingRay Vendor  Vendor
System may be an insurance company operating system as well as an MGA, RRG or Agency system    
Ability to mass change routines/programs to update database    
Ability to control/schedule when changes or updates will become effective    
System allows the creation of custom screens and custom fields    
Ability to manage different correspondence output types (email, print, fax, etc.) and route them (immediately/as per a schedule) to third parties    
Consistent descriptions and naming (screens/fields) throughout the application    
System-generated papers/letters to customers upon status change in the account    
Document imaging capabilities    
Transactional history maintained for each policy and for each customer    
Real time update-committed data viewable by next person to access data    
Ability to gather/create reports based on time periods (date ranges)    
Ability to integrate with common third party reporting software    
User friendly, menu driven, GUI, mouse driven    
Fully integrated, on-line processing    
Help screens    
Allow for multiple open windows    
Provide an online audit trail of all changes to the data, including old value, user id, time and date, including user-definable fields.    
n-tier architecture    
Relational database management system    
Web enabled client    
Open Database to support 3rd party reporting tools    
Ability to import/export to Microsoft Word document    
Ability to import/export to Microsoft Excel    
Ability to export to Adobe PDF    
Ability to import/export to XML    
Ability to import/export to Text (positional and delimited)    
Runs under CITRIX    
Upload/download capability to ODBC/OLE-DB compliance.    
Ability to link and utilize a FAX/Sys Fax Server    
Customizable screen layout for reports and queries.    
Schedule reports to run immediately, in the future or on a recurring basis.    
Reports capable of generating spool requests that can then be accessed/viewed without rerunning the reports    
Provide a ODBC / SQL compliant report generator with access to all system databases (report writer)    
Auto scheduling of batch processes    
Ability to create ad hoc reports with user defined parameter selections    
Ability to copy and modify existing report definitions to create new definitions or templates.    
Dynamic & Static pick lists for report parameters    
Report statistic logs (i.e. who, when, how often) on transactions, policies, accounts, etc    
Ability to email reports    
Generate query results and reports to screen, printer, fax , email, HTML    
Ability to perform the following actions: subtotal, filter, set variants, set layouts, calculate averages, etc. on reports and queries