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December 2007
Stingray triples sales volume in 2007
To say the least - 2007 has been a very good year! More Stingray Systems have been deployed, additional technical development has been completed and Stingray is positioned as one of the leading systems available for the small to medium Insurance Company and MGA market.
We want to thank all of our customers, their employees and business partners for making Stingray one of the brightest stars in the industry. Our unique, web based processing approach has fit in "just right" with a number of forward thinking Companies and MGA’s and we appreciate the opportunity to serve.
Positioned well for 2008, we have a number of new Companies planning a Stingray purchase during the first Quarter of 2008 and we are rolling out our newest release for additional features in February.
For details on our plans for 2008 contact:
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