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October 2009
Maximum Processing and Equifax Form Alliance
Stingray System functionality to include real-time geographical analysis information
Bradenton, FL - October 23, 2009 - Maximum Processing today announced a new alliance with CDS Business Mapping, LLC., to integrate its RiskMeter Online real-time, natural hazard risk report service into The Stingray System, a fully functional web-based property & casualty insurance administration solution. "In order to help provide straight-through processing and to facilitate accurate underwriting decisions, carriers require real-time, property risk information," says Sean Pitcher, President and CEO of Maximum Processing. "The Stingray System has addressed this problem by integrating RiskMeter's real-time, natural hazard reports into our Web-based administration solution," explains Pitcher. "In the Property & Casualty insurance industry, it’s imperative for underwriters and agents to weigh a lot of different geographic risk factors, says Dan Munson, Founder, RiskMeter Online. For example, information on items such as Distance to Coast, FEMA Flood Zones, Distance to Fire Stations, Hail & Tornado Exposure, as well as many others are crucial to accurately determining property risk and pricing. RiskMeter’s partnership with Stingray will enable its users to have this information automatically returned so they can quickly assess risk and accurately price policies," explains Munson. "Maximum Processing is committed to improving the functionality of its products so insurers have the best of both worlds, the latest features and the ability to provide their underwriter and agents with straight-through processing," continued Sean Pitcher. "This alliance with RiskMeter Online demonstrates our commitment to Stingray’s users." The Stingray System is a policy, billing, claims and reinsurance administration system which provides workflow, imaging, many third party interfaces (e.g. Credit Card, General Ledger, Comparative Raters, CLUE, bureau stat reporting and others) . It comes with consumer and agent portals as well a full point of sale system.
About Maximum Processing
Maximum Processing offers Stingray, a modular browser-based, property and casualty solution for Policy (quoting, rating, issuance), Billing, Claims and Reinsurance administration along with statistical bureau, DMV, Imaging, Credit Card, General Ledger, Comparative Raters, CLUE reporting and many other third party interfaces. Maximum Processing is a privately held company headquartered in Bradenton, Florida with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information click on the links located on the top left side of this page "Contact Us"
About MutualAid eXchange
For property underwriters and agents who are looking to increase accuracy, productivity and overall speed of operations, the RiskMeter Online ( is an Internet application used to automate property risk reports. By simply typing in an address, users can get back natural hazard information for a given policy location. The RiskMeter can perform more than 30 different reports, including: Distance to Coast, Rating Territory, FEMA Flood Zone, Windpool Eligibility, Proximity to Brush, EQ hazards and much more! For more information, please visit

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