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October 2007
Hardware and Hosting Upgrades serve our customers
This month, Stingray upgraded both our hosting hardware and communication to advanced Fiber Optic cable to support the growing number of our clients who choose to host with Maximum Processing.
A substantial investment in the most advanced server technology has boosted our capacity providing excellent response times for our managed hosting clients. The addition of Fiber Optic service by our communication vendor coupled with our existing communication capabilities has enhanced our ability to process customer data.
With additional Real Time rating clients coming online we anticipate over 100,000 quotes delivered via Stingray in the near future and we have prepared well in advance to assist our clients in selling more products via technology.
Agency Management module released for Beta testing
Stingray has released a new Agency Management module for initial Beta testing. The module automates the relationship between Company, MGA and producers by collecting and managing the required information for licensing, agency accounting and commission processing via ACH.
Integrated with Stingrayís imaging module, the Company can now review and manage the entire Agency relationship online, saving a tremendous amount of effort and expense in managing paper files and a manual process.
General release and sale of this module is scheduled for Q1 2008.
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