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July 2006
Product Enhancement Release
Maximum Processing Announces Visual Query Builder.
The Stingray System was designed to allow non-programmer's to quickly build and test rating and screen changes on any Stingray based system.
However, since Stingray relies on an SQL server back end - some users may not understand the SQL syntax required to get or save data within the back end tables.
Stingray System has a complete built-in Visual Query engine. No longer do users have to read and understand the SQL language - they simply drag and drop the tables they want to work with onto a work area, select which fields they want to work with, and the Stingray System does the rest of the work. Stingray even automatically links the selected tables using the SQL server defined primary and foreign keys - nothing could be simpler!
More advanced users need not be disappointed however because access to the underlying SQL statements is still available. Advanced users can switch back and forth between the text version and the visual version with a single click of their mouse - the Stingray advanced SQL statement parser will automatically update both the text and visual representations of the query any time either is modified.
Finally, a syntax checker will help users find SQL syntax errors in hand typed queries even faster than before.
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