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January 2006
Product Enhancement Release
Real time Credit Card, ACH and EFT Capability
The Stingray System has the capability to process credit cards and bank cards as well as automatically debit policyholder accounts (ACH / EFT) in real time.
The newest feature allows policyholders to enjoy the convenience of having their bills automatically debited from their account. In addition, policy holders can login and pay bills securely through the insurance company’s web site using the Stingray Bank Processing module.
The Stingray bank processing module even allows a company to setup regular ACH transactions, such as those used for monthly payments without monthly user intervention.
By allowing electronic payments an insurer can save time and money in manual processing, billing / postage, debt collection, reduction of errors, and a reduced number of non-payment cancellations.

Product Enhancement Release

Quality Data Entry assured – Stingray integrates Spell Check/ Dictionary Tool
The Stingray System has the capability to check spelling on any entry field. The spell-checking module works with any field and will suggest words from a dictionary, just like other popular word processors!
When you use spell checking within the Stingray System the system will automatically highlight the misspelled word and suggest words that you may have wanted. You can choose a word from the suggestion list or retype the word.
The system allows you to replace just the single occurrence of the word or every occurrence for the rest of the text. You can even ignore words that the system thinks you misspelled like proper names for the rest of the document.
Finally, because the module is totally dynamic and we want every customer to be able to increase their accuracy we offer this module at no additional cost with every Stingray System.
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